Theoblogy – We’re Still Here!

I wanted to make a quick post to assure our followers and readers that content is indeed coming! Our community is spreading elsewhere and we are very tight with our time and will be posting soon. I just wanted to share an update very quickly on our expansion.

Thank you and God Bless! <3

Theoblogy Blog

Theoblogy Blogging!

Welcome to all of God’s people! This blog is for the coming together of religions to understanding the one truth. The one God we have loves us all very very much. So much, that God guided me to making this forum accessible to the public. Now we can all share our ideas and epiphanies about God and religion and not be judged by anyone. This is a judgment free zone, no one is judged but by God himself.

For those of you who want to become active members, please refer to our email address and let us know. We need all emails to be sent to in regards to becoming an active member. We want to keep our members list short and sweet. That means we need people that will actively post on the regular, with great articles and writing skills. You are indeed allowed to only link out to the websites you mention for guiding purposes; links are only to be used for informative and supportive reasons.

Every Friday will be prayer Friday, where we will have a live call with all of our members and share our prayers for our loved ones. Anyone is welcome to join Theoblogy at anytime. They must first request access so we can filter out spammers. NO SPAM IS ALLOWED! Please be kind to all of our members and please do not post any curse words or profanity. I know this should go without saying, but I need for everyone to understand this and not break these rules. These rules are relatively simple in comparison to other websites but we want things this way to keep order. We need a well-established presence if we’re going to be luring people into our prayer sessions (which we will).

For any questions and concerns, email: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.